Established in 1939, Daisui has been a critical part of the seafood industry in Japan. Located at the second biggest seafood market (The Osaka City Central Wholesale Market), where we have been one of the top suppliers for restaurants and supermarkets for fresh and processed seafood. With seven branches across Japan and a large skilled workforce, has cemented Daisui as one of the key seafood wholesalers in Japan.

Daisui, has been also growing its international presence throughout the years. Supplying over 40,000MT tons of Japanese frozen seafood worldwide. Linking the best fish packers in Japan to the global stage.

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Company Overview (As of June 23, 2023)

Company Name DAISUI CO.,LTD.
Representative Eiichiro Yamahashi
(Representative Board Member, President & CEO)
Listed stock exchange Tokyo Stock Exchange (Standard Market)
Established April 7, 1939
Capital 100 million yen


(As of March 31, 2023)

435 (Ⅽonsolidated)
Business Style Purchase and sale of marine products in general (fresh fish, frozen fish, salted and dried fish, etc.) and sales on consignment,
Refrigerated warehousing business

(Fiscal year ending March 31, 2023)

98,458 million yen (Consolidated)
Major suppliers and customers (Suppliers) Nissui Corporation
Toyo Reizo Co.,Ltd
(Customers) Wholesalers, Retail stores
Major financing banks The Norinchukin Bank
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank, Limited
Major shareholders Nissui Corporation
The Norinchukin Bank

List of officers

Name Position
Eiichiro Yamahashi Representative Board Member, President & CEO
Nobumoto Yugami Board Member, Managing Executive Officer
Minoru Kojima Board Member, Managing Executive Officer
Hiroo Katano Board Member, Managing Executive Officer
Tomoyuki Matsuba Board Member
Takumi Mitani Board Member
Mamoru Saito Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Hidehito Dodo Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Yutaka Tanaka Audit & Supervisory Board Member
Hiroyasu Miyoshi Managing Executive Officer
Masahiro Kanaoka Senior Executive Officer
Atsushi Nishimura Executive Officer
Yoshifumi Asada Executive Officer
Kenichiro Furuno Executive Officer
Akio Hanaki Executive Officer
Kenichi Yamashita Executive Officer
Yasunari Nishiyama Executive Officer

Our Role

Based in the wholesale markets of Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, we contribute to the stable supply of marine products through a network connecting domestic production areas and the world.

With offices in major wholesale markets in Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, we play an important role in delivering marine products that arrive not only in Japan but also overseas to consumers throughout the Kansai region. The wholesale system that connects the major cities of Keihanshin is an unprecedented strength of our company.

In addition, the catch of fresh seafood may fluctuate greatly depending on natural conditions such as the weather, but we have achieved a stable supply through a network with producers nationwide.

Strengths of us / Our features

  1. 60,000 items handled by more than 4,000 suppliers

    We purchase and sell over 60,000 items such as fresh fish, frozen fish, salted dried fish, and processed products from more than 4,000 suppliers to meet the wide range of customer needs.

  2. We provide a wide range of consulting.

    By acting as a bridge between shippers and consumers, we feedback various information to the product development department of processed product manufacturers, and conversely make sales proposals to retailers. Our strength is that we can provide a wide range of consulting from producers to retailers and restaurants, not just product distribution.

  3. We have business connections with many producers, suppliers, and customers in Japan and overseas.

    We collect a variety of information through these producers, suppliers, and customers. Useful information is organized and analyzed by our own system, which we utilize in our sales activity giving us a strong competitive advantage.

History of company development

Osaka has long been known as the "the Kitchen of Japan" and was the center of all the "delicious" foods of the whole country. The Osaka City Central Wholesale Market, which boasts a size of 120,000 square meters, was opened in 1931. Osaka Reito Ebi the predecessor of Daisui Co., Ltd., was born in 1939 at the Osaka City Central Wholesale Market. After the turmoil during and after the second world war, the company name was changed to the current Daisui Co., Ltd. in 1948, and it continues to develop to this day.

April, 1939
Established Osaka Reito Ebi at the Osaka City Central Wholesale Market.
August, 1941
Changed the trade name to Kyodo Suisan Kako.
January, 1944
Changed the trade name to Kyodo Suisan.
September, 1947
Changed the trade name to Osaka Suisanbutsu and became an official consignment organization in Osaka Prefecture.
March, 1948
Changed the trade name to Daisui Co., Ltd.
August, 1950
Received permission from the Governor of Osaka Prefecture as a seafood wholesaler.
May, 1978
Opened Osaka Northern Branch.
October, 1981
Opened Osaka Eastern Branch.
March, 1992
Made Osaka Tobu Reizo a group company.
March, 1997
Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Stock Exchange.
September, 2000
Opened Kobe Branch and Kobe Eastern Branch.
October, 2001
Opened Kyoto Branch. Made KYOTOKOSAN CO.,LTD. and MARUUO SHOKUHIN CO.,LTD. group companies.
May, 2005
Opened Akashi Sales Department(Closed it in June, 2022).
April, 2013
Group company Oita Suisan starts business at Oita City Public Local Wholesale Market.
July, 2013
Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
April, 2020
Made Beppu Uoichi a group company.
April, 2022
Listed on the Standard Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.